FIFA 20 Match for €18.00
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Match details

Entry Fee : €10.00
console : Playstation
Mode : None

1. Add your opponent as a friend on your console.

2. In FIFA, go to the online tab, then open the Online Friendlies mode.

3. Start a new season, or open an existing season with your opponent.

4. Check and confirm the match rules and settings.

5. Start the match.

Note: Be sure to take pictures/screenshots of the match final score in case of a dispute about the match result.

Lag/Settings/Teams: After 2 minutes of gameplay any complaints on lag, pre-game settings, or banned teams will not be taken into consideration. No exceptions. (Note: connection is much better if you use a LAN cable instead of WiFi.)

Pause Timer: If your pause timer runs out when you are losing a match or the game is tied, you automatically lose. If your pause timer runs out when you are winning a match, the match will be cancelled. If your timer runs out prior to the end of the first quarter of game play and the score is tied, we will consider it a non issue and the game should be replayed.

Disconnections: In the event of a disconnection, you and your opponent must finish the remaining time of the match. i.e. If the disconnection occurred in at the end of the 1st half, the new game should be played until the end of the 2nd half. We highly recommend recording video of all game footage in case of a dispute.

If you can't continue the match within 15 minutes of disconnecting, Gambloo may rule on the match using our discretion. If you were losing, you will be given the loss. If you were winning, the match may be canceled or you may be given the loss depending the circumstances. It is up to the player who was losing to reach out and attempt to play the match again.

Game Settings: Unless otherwise specified, the settings must be set to standard.

If you receive an invitation on your console that does not match the rules laid out on this match page, DO NOT play the match. If you play the match, lose and submit a dispute, Gambloo admins will not approve your dispute. Here at Gambloo we lean towards fair play, before making any decision we will review and lean towards a fair decision strictly up to us.

We highly recommend recording all match results, disconnections, broken rules, etc.

If a player breaks a rule when they are losing the match or the match is tied and their opponent quits the match immediately, the player who broke the rule will lose the match.

If a player breaks a rule when they are in the lead and their opponent quits the match immediately, the match will be canceled and both players will be refunded their entry fees.

Proof: Take a photo of the result or record the game with Twitch Stream.

Usernames: This match is only valid if played between the Usernames listed above. If you agree to play the whole match and lose, then dispute - your dispute will not be taken into consideration.

Score Auto Confirms After 30 Min: Once a score is reported, the other player has 30 minutes to confirm or counter before the first score reported is automatically confirmed.

Warning: Submitting fake or false results will result in immediate financial penalties.
1st Strike = 5€ | 2nd Strike = 25€ | 3rd Strike = 100€ + Ban

Match Chat

chchrogers 3:44 AM Pinche guera
jcanaca 3:44 AM Jajajaj unite man y jugamos
chchrogers 3:44 AM De donde eres
jcanaca 3:45 AM Descuida luego jugamos si querés ahora ya voyaa jugar con alguien mas
jcanaca 3:45 AM De Honduras y vos?
chchrogers 3:45 AM De donde eres
chchrogers 3:45 AM Soy de san diego
chchrogers 3:45 AM Queria ir a honduras
chchrogers 3:46 AM No sabia que usan vos en honduras
jcanaca 3:46 AM A q lado bro
chchrogers 3:46 AM Lo siento espanol es peor
chchrogers 3:46 AM Mi espanol
jcanaca 3:47 AM Hey acepto tu Match request en un rato te parece? solo juego con alguien más
jcanaca 3:47 AM Jajaja tu español es bueno
chchrogers 3:48 AM Un momento mi amigo que esta jugando es de inglaterra
chchrogers 3:48 AM Un tonto
chchrogers 3:48 AM Estas offline
jcanaca 3:49 AM Can I accept your match request in a bit? I'm playing someone else right now
chchrogers 3:49 AM How long
jcanaca 3:49 AM 15-25 minutes
chchrogers 3:49 AM Si gue
chchrogers 3:50 AM Pero si no estaras listo voy a Honduras para matarte
jcanaca 3:51 AM Ahora entro mi otro rival se desconecto
chchrogers 3:51 AM Acabamos de entrar un match
chchrogers 3:52 AM Mensajame cuando estas listo
jcanaca 3:53 AM Ya estoy listo
jcanaca 3:55 AM Acéptame en PSN
jcanaca 4:03 AM Estás listo?
chchrogers 4:05 AM Estoy list
jcanaca 4:05 AM Te invite
jcanaca 4:05 AM Join me
chchrogers 4:06 AM How?
jcanaca 4:07 AM Go to notifications
jcanaca 4:07 AM On psn
chchrogers 4:08 AM Lets go
chchrogers 4:24 AM Mi amigo es tan malo
jcanaca 4:26 AM Jajajaj andan high verdad
chchrogers 4:26 AM Pues con vodka y coca
chchrogers 4:27 AM Quieres jugar por el 5 es que solo tengo 5 en my cuento
chchrogers 4:27 AM Pues no ya tengo nada lol