Call of Duty Modern Warefare

The Modern Warfare series has always liked to go where it hurts and gets uncomfortable with its missions. Also in the new Modern Warefare this happens again.

With scenes like in "no russian", "Al-Fulani-execution" or the betrayal of Taskforce 141 the Modern Warfare series always wanted to show that war is dirty and by no means black and white. The new part is set for 2019 and so are the themes Infinity Ward wants to cover. It doesn't just depend on what stories are told about terror, murder and war crimes, but also from whose perspective.

At a screening, representatives of the press were shown first excerpts of the game before the trailer was released. One of them was about a terrorist attack in London, in which the player, as a British SAS soldier, does not shoot himself through a chaos of explosions and terrorists, but uses the nightly liquidation of the terror cell in a London terraced house.

Modern Warfare puts the fans on their own page. The multiplayer recently presented itself quite impressive, dares with 100 player modes the direct attack on Battlefield, but he also specifically serves the fan wishes. Instead of controversial trailers, Activision shows plenty of gameplay, illustrating down-to-earth shooter gameplay of the most beautiful Call of Duty to date.

Modern Warfare counteracts a phenomenon that many developers underestimate: The splitting of the players. If you add too many modes like Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Koop and Co. to your shooter, you'll spread the community so wide that matchmaking will ultimately suffer. A shooter that dances on too many weddings doesn't really shine on any of them, because hardly any player has the time and desire for ten completely different modes. This leads to the fact that Battlefield 5 is not able to provide many modes - and the Firestorm with real innovations after the release.

It remains exciting!
Call of Duty Modern Warefare will be released on October 25th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and the PC.